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Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn, NY

Looking for a sidewalk repair contractor in or near Brooklyn, NY? Look no further! We are contractors that will assess and take care of all your construction needs. By having over 30 years of experience, this gives us the leverage to accurately inform you of the process of what you may need, and this allows us to give a hassle-free experience for our customers who need sidewalk repair or replacement. We also are knowledgeable in the process of removing any sidewalk violations you may have and have a direct source to help get your violation removal process even quicker. 
More often than not, we've had previous customers complain how their sidewalk wasn't properly done, and even if it was, they've received tickets for not informing a violation removal to the NYC Department of Buildings. They were unaware of the contractors on whether or not they filed the important documents, and it turns out, sometimes work would be done without proper legal permissions. If you run into situations like these, please give our company a call and we can try helping you and possibly may have to redo the job as the first job may not be accepted by NYC Department of Buildings. Why are we mentioning all this? One thing our company is known for is our honesty and bringing situations upfront exactly as how they are. We do not sugarcoat anything, as to allow the customers to know exactly what is going on. By being honest, trustworthy, and professional, we guarantee that we will do your job right and you can count on us for any of your sidewalk/driveway repairs or replacement projects.
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It is also worthwhile to mention that Khan Home Improvement is licensed by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and is fully insured by NYSIF Workers' Compensation and Disability Benefits. We are also certified by multiple organizations including EPA, OSHA, and Lead Safety. We care about our consumers and want to give the reassurance that we take careful measures in each work we done, treating each one as if it was our home we were taking care of. 

As sidewalk repair contractors in Brooklyn, NY for over 30 years, we have multitude of experiences that allow us to best serve our customers. Our sidewalk services include, but are not limited to:
  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair/Replacement
  • Concrete Driveway Repair/Replacement
  • Asphalt Repair/Replacement
  • Front Yard Concrete Repair/Replacement
  • Sidewalk Demolition
  • Driveway Demolition
  • Concrete Stoop with Sidewalk Repair/Replacement 
​and much, much more!

We offer best sidewalk repairs near Brooklyn, NY. As sidewalk repair contractors near Brooklyn, NY, we have the correct measures and will help you with the process of any sidewalk works. Our services include removing sidewalk violation removal, which is a common feature that constantly needs to be worked with in Brooklyn due to climate changes and environment, Not only do we provide professional services, we also help provide affordable pricing to ensure fairness.