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Our Licensures & Certifications
We are licensed in:
  • ​NYC Department of Consumer Affairs
We are certified in:
  • NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
  • E.P.A Certified Lead Safety for Home Renovation, Repair, & Painting Work
Our Contact Info
We can be reached at:
(718) 633-2220 

Kitchen Renovation in Brooklyn, NY
Welcome! As being one of the leading construction companies in Brooklyn for the last 30 years, we have not only proved to be one the best and affordable companies, but have lived up to our reputation to be kind, truthful, and loyal to our customers. Our efforts in putting the best work in what we have utmost passion in has allowed strangers and customers wanting more. We are capable of working with everyone and accomodate to everyone's needs as they differ from one individual to another, and we give importance to each and everyone. We welcome constructive criticism as well to improve our company on a daily basis, something that sets us apart from the other construction companies. We may not give the cheapest prices, but we do create a most affordable option to allow our customers to get the most bang for their buck. Our aim is to prevent our customers to unncessarily spend so much money repairing work every year by adding up cheap costs every year, and rather give a reasonable price that would make them save money for at least 10 years in the long run. Minor issues can be fixed on a smaller scale, but you want to make sure you don't spend repairing your kitchen every year because some unlicensed contractor repaired it cheaply for a cheap price.