Khan Home Improvement
As a professional co-op and condo remodeling
 construction company in Brooklyn, we have conducted over 30 years of experience and professionalism in every co-op and condo projects. We are aware that most of our customers are busy and want a professional contractor who will perform the job quickly and professionally with no hassles. We aim exactly to do that, and to prevent any further problems. We are also aware that management for co-ops and condos are usually strict, and are careful to not violate the rules. You can count on us!

Coop & Condo Remodeling

Licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs of New York and New Jersey as well as being fully Insured by NYSIF Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance, we aim to complete all your co-op and condo home renovations professionally with legality. We are also certified by various organizations such as EPA and OSHA to ensure the safety of works we perform.

Contact Phone: 
(718) 633-2220

Areas We Serve in New York City
Our main areas of service include New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. We have built a reputation of being one of the most professional and trustworthy contractors in the Greater New York City area. Head over to our testimonials page  to see what customers have to say about us! 
Co-op & Condo Services We Offer
Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Full Co-op Renovation & Remodeling
  • Full Condo Renovation & Remodeling
  • ​Full Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling
  • Full Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling
  • Necessary Electrical Works
  • Necessary Plumbing Works
  • Floor Tile Installation
​    and much more.