Over time, tiles will wear down or break a little due to the constant pressure from people stepping on them and being exposed to the air. Tiles get dirty and chipped off; there's a limit to how long they can last while maintaining the structure and cleanliness. The main part that holds the tiles together is what should be most looked at to check the condition of the tiles: grout. Tile grout can easily chip and wear off. Now if the grout is on the brink of becoming nonexistent, your tiles can break. Your tiled floor will risk becoming moldy due to the possible water leakages that may fall in between.

When it comes to regrouting, it should not be applied in a careless matter; the form it takes will determine whether it will be completely be free of being at risk in becoming moldy with water leakages or not. 

Here's how we do it (and how it should be done). First we remove the grout thoroughly. You don't want any pieces behind; mixing old grout and new grout is a big no-no. It is more prone to faster breakage and chipping and you definitely don't want that. After the place is properly cleaned, we check to see if any spot underneath is damaged. If it is, no problem. A little removing of that spot's tiles and placing it correctly will fix the problem. Not only are we professionals at regrouting; we perform bathroom remodeling and renovations too. After cleaning the spot and making it ready for regrouting, we apply the grout and clean any residue leftover. You will need to wait 24 hours for it to dry properly so you don't risk messed up floors or anything. 

Our company, Khan Home Improvement, has over 28 years of experience. We are fully insured and licensed. We are also EPA certified for our safety measures and are committed in providing professional construction services while maintaining safety rules. 

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