In serving Manhattan for over 28 years, our excellent reputation has made us to be excellent renovation contractor Manhattan with our unique flair for model renovation in jobs we work at. With the aim of providing high quality service as well as guarantee customer satisfaction, we don’t abide only be our professional team members; we also put reliability and honesty with a strong account in what makes a perfect renovation company. Accordingly to our customer’s thoughts of us, we build our reputation through positivity, and aim to set ourselves from other companies not only in terms of professionalism, but in terms of being a true, honest, and reliable company as well.

Renovation Contractor Manhattan New York City
With each passing year, it becomes noticeable that more and more construction companies emerge, all promising the best of services and whatnot, and all this gives an even harder experience of making sure to choose a right contractor. First of all, when you choose a contractor, check out if what he claims is really true or not. Usually, websites with reviews can give a really good indication of how the contractor is. Yes, yes, we know sometimes those reviews can be fabricated. Some contractors pay other people to give a review, therefore making the process of choosing the right contractor all the more harder. But you might see something that gives an indication whether it’s fake or not. Usually those reviews will have similarly repeated messages. Real reviews go a little more than just that. It helps if the contractor can even refer them in which you can get an idea of how the contractor really is.
As for honesty and reliability, we have had previous clients who shared their experience with us. Some of these previous clients have come to us and tell stories of how the contractor they hired previously came and took the money all at once and, without doing any work, left. We’ve also redid some of the projects, in which the previous contractor was supposed to demolish a wall and then redo it, but instead just laid in more plaster to increase its thickness and painted over it. This caused more work for us, but it does show how some things are cheated and that it leaves the real contractors to do more work, which wastes more of the client’s money. We advise you take caution in choosing the right contractor. Also, never settle for the cheapest since there might be something fishy about it, rather, settle for the most reasonable. It depends on the course of the job.
We label ourselves as Renovation Contractor Manhattan because we give a special attribute to it. Manhattan, located in the heart of New York City, has needs that need to be specially taken care of, and we make sure to fulfill that precisely. We are fully licensed and insured, and we are dedicated in providing the best renovation services. Our working areas consists of, but are not limited to, New York City, Manhattan, Tribeca, East SoHo Village, Greenwich Village, West Village, Flatiron District, Midtown, Chinatown, Garment District, Lower East Side, Upper West Side, Murray Hill, Stuyvesant Town; Brooklyn, Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Carroll Gardens, Bensonhurst, Downtown Brooklyn, Borough Park, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights, Greenpoint, East Flatbush, and many more areas.
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 "Do it professionally or don't do it at all, but make sure to always keep it honest."
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