Over time, as the tiles are constantly being stepped on, you've probably noticed that the lines between the tiles are getting dirty or chipped off. The grout is what you're seeing. Grout is what keeps the tiles secure in place, and protects the water from seeping in through. The causes of grout chipping is moisture, water, and other factors as well. If you see that the grout is chipping off, you should take it as a warning sign before it gets worse, otherwise you may risk moldy floors and water leaking to the floor beneath it. 
Regrouting the floor tiles can't just be done in a slapdash manner; there are proper steps in doing so. First we remove the grout thoroughly, making sure that no piece is left behind. Then the place must be properly cleaned. If we see that the spot underneath it is partially damaged as well, we might have to remove that section of the tile and fix it as well. We're not only qualified in regrouting; we perform many types of bathroom renovation works as well. After making sure the spot is properly fixed, we regrout and add final touches of proper cleaning. Although, before you use the bathroom again, you need to wait 24 hours before it's properly dried.
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