Finding a contractor in the New York City area isn't so hard nowadays, especially with the increase in construction fields, but rather finding the perfect one with requirements all met is. There may be so many of them available, but the reality that majority don't have their own license tops the dilemma of finding the right contractor. Contractors may present you with a license, but there is a possible chance that they don't even have one, and are using another company to mask their real selves. Also many will come straight up and say that they're the best contractors available, but really if what they claim is true, then ask for previous references and look for previous customers that have worked with them. Previous customers' experiences are so valuable, they tell you what the contractor is actually like.

Khan Home Improvement, with 28 years of experience in home improvement projects, have been fortunate to gain the proper experiences in dealing with different types of customers and also providing the best quality works each to his/her own likings. We strive to keep our reputation strong as well as provide the proper home improvement services every customer deserves. We've dealt with cases in which previous customers have told us that they hired other contractors only to be cheated by them, and used us since they knew we keep our promises and stick to our words. That is what sets us apart from the rest of the companies: we stick to our promises and maintain in being honest. 

​Khan Home Improvement is fully licensed and insured by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and certified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We perform many different types of home improvement works including full renovation and remodeling as well as interior and exterior works. We work in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Manhattan with all counties included in those boroughs.


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