​Tired of all hassles that comes within finding the perfect contractor to do your job? It might seem unnecessary, but let's be honest. Nothing in life is easy as it looks. It's actually worth all the sweat, because finding a professional, trustworthy contractor is the most crucial element in getting the job done right. Make a mistake in getting a contractor just because the price was the cheapest from the rest can cost you that mistake for the rest of your life. Basically, it becomes a rip-off. The contractor who gave you the cheapest bid doesn't really care about perfecting the job; he knows he charged you the least and the most he can get out of it is well, not much if he chooses to work correctly. So he ends up doing the work in a slapdash manner, and before you know it, within one month, the problems start. You may as well try to contact him, but he isn't going to come back and fix the problem. Not when he gave it at a cheap price.

But you also have to beware the ones who give it at a price that is beyond your budget. Yes, he might perform a good job, but most of the time, usually ones who give bids at reasonable price can do the same exact work. Our aim is to give a price which is affordable and within your budget. It doesn't make sense to give it a price when the actual cost of the work itself is way less. Besides looking at the price, look at the attributes the contractor carry. Does he speak honestly? Is he polite? Does he show proof of his work? Is he professional? Most of all, would you be okay and comfortable with him working in your house? Because if you hire someone that doesn't fit into these categories, you might as well as give yourself a headache from overlooking your shoulder constantly. As for proof, some of our clients visited some of our previous workplaces to see what we've done before. The proof is right there before your eyes. We usually show pictures of what we've done, or let some customers go over to our previous jobsites. This also gives them the opportunity to let our previous clients to talk with our new customers and let them know what they think of us. It's about experience and proof.

We've been working over 28 years in areas of Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City. Our attention to create the best details we can bring in a kitchen and be able to perform them gives the clients a chance for them to hire us again. We also value honesty as we know this is what most people look for in contractors. We usually give our clients a peace of mind, as well as performing the job professionally. We care about jobs we do, as we know whatever we do gives a lasting impression of what we once did. Doing it unprofessionally can make a careful contractor feel uneasy. As well as doing the best for our clients, we also strive to keep a good reputation among our clients so as to not make ourselves untrustworthy. You can read more about what our clients think of us in the testimonials page.

We work in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, New York City, Park Slope, 11215, and 11217.


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