Khan Home Improvement, for over 28 years, have done several building restoration projects, all of which were successful and done with complete customer satisfaction. Buildings literally make up the living space of New York City and we use that initiative to help make New York City a better place by constructing better buildings for people. Our company strives to provide the most professional services possible to the residents of New York City. With the hectic and busy life styles most people live, we approach the matter in a way that would be easy to the customers to manage and making it less of a burden to those trying to decide what to do. Our company provides services in a timely manner and checks on customers' satisfaction before finalizing the job. Other than professionalism, we stick by honesty and truth and tell our customers everything, including what and what cannot be done depending on the job. 
Building Restoration Contractor NYC Manhattan
Besides promoting the fact we are professional and honest building restoration contractors, our company is fully licensed and insured, so there would be no worries about false performance with a reputable company like ours. We are specialized in various forms of construction, but our passion lies at the art of building restoration as we find it an unique piece of construction work mainly done in New York City. We are against fraudulent forms of construction work and believe that work should never be compromised unless the customer requests so. We highly recommend customers to hire slightly pricier licensed contractors over cheap unlicensed contractors as a means to ensure protection as well as get what they are paying for. When hiring cheap and unlicensed contractors, there are many risks associated with it.
If you hire an illegal or unlicensed contractor, if they do any job that does not satisfy you or go against the contract, you won't be able to do anything about it (not even taking legal action) as the contractors you hired were illegal to begin with. You will end up with unsatisfied work and loss of money. On the other hand, legal contractors can be disputed if they ever violated the agreement, so it's protection proof. Also a professional licensed contractor would provide and honest job and even though it might seem pricier, you do get what you pay for and also if you were to calculate the sturdiness of the job done over a certain time period it lasts, you'd see it's cheap as opposed to paying cheaper contractors multiple times who perform a shoddy job. Also while the contractors may claim to be licensed, if they cannot prove that it's their license and that they may have borrowed it from some other contractor, you put yourself at another risk. Make sure you know which contractors you are hiring. 
Our company is specialized in many different forms of building restoration services including building damage repair, water damage repair and restoration, fire damage repair, storm damage repair, brownstone restoration, brownstone building repair, building deconstruction, building remodeling, building redo, building restoration tuckpointing/mortar repair, caulking, sealant repair, sealant replacement, masonry cleaning, wall flashing, concrete restoration services, stone restoration services, cement stucco repair, brick pointing, Brick repair, stoop replace and many more  building restoration services. If you want to know what our previous customers have to say about us, visit the testimonials page or read reviews about our company off of our website by clicking here.
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