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Once stucco cracks or wears away, it's important to repair it before it can get worse or moisture gets trapped in it and damages the structure even more. Most of the time, the owner does not notice (it can be in the deepest or hidden part of the house) which leads to a greater problem. Rain or snow falling can further damage the structure, and often, the interior gets more damage than the exterior stucco. As the result, cold air can get inside the house, while damaging the insulator which makes the owner pay higher for the heating cost. Hot weather can be harmful too, since the structure may mold, from the moisture which is unhealthy and unsafe. By the time the owner discovers the main problem, it may have been already been too late, and the damage many be very severe that the owner may not be able to fix it. 
Khan Home Improvement can help with that; we have a crew of skilled, experienced, and professional master craftsmen that are carefully chosen to carry out the job so that the owner can leave everything up to them. Our goal is to provide you the best-quality and great-looking house for an affordable cost. We specialized in services in all kinds of masonry stucco repair in Brooklyn NY such as, cement repair, stoop repair, stucco, concrete replacement, brownstone façade restoration, brick paving, brick pointing, brick repair, lintel replacement, driveway concrete replacement, Interior & exterior masonry Home repair waterproofing and many other kinds of masonry-related jobs. In Khan Home Improvement, honesty, and trustfulness are the main factors of our crew. Our company is located in Brooklyn NY with over 27 years of experience and is fully insured as well as licensed. Every one of our clients were happy with our work, and we receive many positive comments about our work. ​
Our service area includes Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Manhattan, Park Slope, Greenwood, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope South, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Parkville, Kensington, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Dyer Heights, Borough Park, East Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Garden, Crown Heights, Canarsie, East New York, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Ridgewood, Fresh Pond, Tompkins, Bedford Stuyvesant, and many more area in Brooklyn NY.
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