Professional Bathroom tile Re-grouting Contractor NYC Manhattan Brooklyn NY We are specialized in various types of tile Re-grouting  tile installation. Re-grouting the floor tiles can't just be done in a slapdash manner; there are proper steps in doing so. First we remove the grout thoroughly, making sure that no piece is left behind. Then the place must be properly cleaned. If we see that the spot underneath it is partially damaged as well, we might have to remove that section of the tile and fix it as well. We're not only qualified in re-grouting; we perform many types of bathroom renovation works as well. After making sure the spot is properly fixed, we re-grout and add final touches of proper cleaning. Although, before you use the bathroom again, you need to wait 24 hours before it's properly dried.

A crucial element of our success is our crew of master craftspeople - contractors who are deeply passionate in their jobs. Our aim is to provide the best services, quality craftsmanship, at an affordable price. Our services are, but not limited to: wood flooring, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic, mosaic, v.c.t, porcelain tile installation, etc. If you need a custom quality tiling service, call us for the best services! We are willing to perform all types of flooring regardless of the strenuous work associated with it. That's what contractors are for -to help you reach your dream home, the way you want it. Our team will exert the best of their qualities to ensure everything is made according to your wants and the best of your likes. We have 27 years of experience to prove the high quality of craftsmanship.

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