Our working areas are in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Manhattan, Lower East Side, Chinatown, Tribeca, East Soho Village, Greenwich Village, West Village, Flat Iron District, Midtown, Upper West Side, East Harlem, Washington Heights, Hamilton Heights, and many more areas within NYC boroughs.

Bathroom Ceramic, Marble, Granite Tile Installation Manhattan NYC
​We are specialized in various types of flooring & tiling installation. A crucial element of our success is our crew of master craftspeople - contractors who are deeply passionate in their jobs. Our aim is to provide the best services, quality craftsmanship, at an affordable price. You want your bathroom to be in good condition in order to use it. As we build your bathroom, we will take care of it as much as if it were our own. 

Without a functional bathroom that you need, there will be problems everywhere. We can help fix a pipe, a job small as that, or we can help remodel the whole kitchen. It's about how much repair it needs in order to be functional. It's also the only place where you get some privacy for the day apart from other rooms. Our pricing is varied, and we can help make the price suitable according to your budget. Our team will all do their best to bring out the bathroom you want. It won't be impossible. Trust us. We did so many projects, and all have been a success. Our services are, but not limited to: wood flooring, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic, mosaic, v.c.t, tile, kitchen tile & bathroom tile installation, etc. If you need a custom quality tiling service, call us for the best services! Besides our professionalism, we stick to our promises and remain honest no matter what. 
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